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be green

There was this awesome sustainability fair on the Mall yesterday. I think they did a really good job with it. The signs that they had with facts on them were all written on old cardboard boxes, and there were a lot of people out there, including local vendors. I think one of the coolest things about this fair, however, was some of the posters they had hanging around campus:


It’s made out of paper with wildflower seeds pressed into it! I was lucky enough to snag it when my class got out at 2 (right when the fair ended). I just got some soil to plant a few other things, and I have a ridiculous amount left, so I’m going to plant the poster! :oD
Seeds!  It has SEEDS!!

Here’s a closeup of what the seeds look like in the paper. Whoever invented this is a genius.

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Twin Loaves

Although it may seem exciting to find an unlimited variety of recipes online, sometimes it’s just better to bust out your old Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook. The French bread I made last week was great, and even though I thought some guy’s random sourdough recipe that popped up first thing on Google looked reasonable, I fully intend for my next sourdough experience to be had through the magic of BHG, and I’m willing to bet that it’s going to turn out a whole lot better.

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Sourdough Bread

I finally made my sourdough bread, and it was kind of gross. It didn’t really rise the second time around, and it’s just..not delicious. You’d figure you spend HOW long helping those little guys grow? It should taste like the best bread you’ve ever had. I’m so disappointed that I just want to run out and buy some yeast and make some French bread to make myself feel better.

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I’ve been so bogged down with school, I haven’t been able to do anything fun in a while. Ergo, I have no pictures and no fun things to work on. However, I’m quite looking forward to a trip to the yarn store this Friday.

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