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not kosher

Tonight I did the whole breakfast-for-dinner thing.

How could you not love this meal?  Real maple syrup?  Eggs?  BACON?!  In fact, I cooked the bacon first, so the eggs were bacon-flavored as well.  Delicious.

Speaking of eggs..

A bunch of the ducks in my apartment complex had babies recently!  This particular party was two moms and a ton of chicks.  I have more pictures up on Flickr, but this one’s my favorite on account of the speedy, blurry babies.  :oD

On a completely unrelated topic, this weekend was a blast!  A bunch of Ravelry friends came out to hang out with the Toledo folk.  There was a ridiculous amount of spinning, knitting, and (of course) LAUGHING!  We had such a great time.

This little guy, previously a vicious orange face-eating monster, was very well-behaved and sweet.  Sarah even said he misses having everyone around her house!  I’m very happy we made friends.  (I brought treats; FOOD MAKES FRIENDS!)

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like a cyclone

Today my handspun for the weekend was finally dry, and I got the chance to take pictures!

I really am in love with this one.  The colors of the two bunches of roving I bought come together beautifully.  It’s also really apparent how much my skills have improved since my first skein!  This one is way less lumpy and uneven.  Always looking ahead..I’m excited about my next skein!

I’ve been knitting too, but I keep getting distracted by everything else in the world..like Wii Fit.  I think I’m getting stronger?

I also finally got a coveted Piddleloop bag during their shop update tonight!  Whoo!

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I love the pattern, I love LOVE the yarn, and I also love my camera!  I made this picture my desktop, and it looks fantastic:

I have a feeling it’s going to make me smile every time I turn on my computer.  In fact, there is a good chance I’ll shrink it to make it a header because I just love it that much.

The pattern can be found here.  I suppose it’s really more guidelines than a pattern.  It calls for 2 strands of fingering weight held together, but I made mine of DK alpaca/silk.  I’ve noticed that other people who’ve made the pattern get a stiffer, thicker piece.  Mine’s very floppy and extremely soft.  Love it!

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playing with my food

Um..I didn’t feel like a giant zucchini wearing a handknitted sock really needed an introduction.  The zucchini was graciously bestowed upon me by Dale Ann’s brother, who grows them.  I don’t know what to make with it, but it’s gonna be something BIG.

I spent a relaxing and crazy weekend with friends, partying, spinning, knitting, and sitting around enjoying the company.  :o)  Oh!  And I got Wii Fit finally.  It’s pretty fun, but my Wii Fit age is..37?!  How did that happen?

I made these fantastic cookies to bring along and share yesterday.  They’re chocolate with chocolate chunks and cherries in them!  A hit, for sure.

The recipe, one of Martha’s, can be found here.  It’s fairly simple, and they turn out really well!

I don’t have any pictures of my spinning endeavors because I haven’t yet finished the skein I’m working on, but I would really like to spin one skein a weekend, at least until I leave Ohio.  That’s really only 2 more weekends!  I can’t believe it.  At times, it’s seemed as though I’ll never see Arizona again, but now that it’s nearing, it really seems like the summer has flown by.  At least it’ll still be summer through November in Tucson?

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tomorrow’s friday!

This week has been insane!  For someone who’s just moved to a new place, I sure have a lot of plans.  Monday night was sock club, and I started Sarah‘s sock design.  It’s really pretty, and the yarn is amazing, but I think I’m going to have to rip back because it’s too big!

It’s actually even prettier than that, but the deep red is difficult to photograph.

I also got my drop spindle in the mail!  ..now that I’m obsessed with spinning and all.  I ordered some roving, too!  It’s really pretty and I can’t wait for it to get here.

So the secret project I’ve been working on was socks!  ..for my mom’s birthday.  I’d have mentioned them Sunday, but she didn’t have them yet.  She is very impressed (as is my dad) and loves them.

The pattern, originally from here, is called Charade.  I think you have to get it from Ravelry now, though.  Still free, mind.

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do the twist

First of all, happy birthday to my mom!  Hooray!

So I was going to tell you all about how I’m going to learn how to spin, and I was planning on showing off the pretty roving I got on Thursday:


I LEARNED HOW TO SPIN YESTERDAY!  I’m so freakin’ excited!  My drop spindle hasn’t come in the mail yet, but Dale Ann was kind enough to lend me hers, and Becky taught me how!  I learned on a bit of pencil roving first.

Once I had the hang of it, I used my pretty roving and some more pretty roving I purchased to make my very first skein of handspun!  It’s about 100 g and who knows how many yards.  I’m so proud!

I have no idea what I’m going to make with it, but I am definitely excited!  Today, I suppose I’ll wash both of them to set the twist.  We’ll see if I get motivated enough.  :o)

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the sun is shining

Actually, it’s not.  In fact, it’s quite overcast today.  But as far as days go, today was pretty great.  After a not particularly fabulous day of work on Thursday, the long weekend did me good, and I am back in action!

And besides..my package of exciting things from the lovely and talented Lee Meredith arrived in the mail today!  (Link overload!)  I took advantage of her sale last week to score some beautiful handspun yarn..as I have yet to learn to spin myself.

Lee’s been one of my favorite bloggers since basically forever.  I love how so many of her pieces are made of recycled materials..not to mention the fact that she is an orange lover.  :o)

Now I just need to figure out what to make with this amazing yarn..and get those nifty pictures up on the wall!

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I hope that everyone had a great 4th.  I know I did!  Friends Renee and Stephanie came to visit for the weekend, and we had a really great time hanging out, shopping, seeing fireworks, and making penis jokes.  What can I say?  It’s like we’re 8.  The highlight of the weekend might very well have been our trip to Bass Pro Shop..where we took a billion pictures and gawked at the huge and ugly fish in the aquarium.

A lot of knitting has been happening, but it’s nothing I can show here..yet.  I also neglected to cook tonight, having leftovers that needed to be eaten, so no Sunday gourmet pictures either.  (I’m just full of disappointment tonight!)  At least you can rest assured that my camera takes good firework pictures.  Hopefully, there will be more excitement to show off tomorrow.  :o)

PS I cut my hair and it’s really short and awesome!

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