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pre-work partying

For my last few days of freedom before beginning work, this weekend has been pretty incredible.  I still feel like I should find something really fun to do with the rest of today.  Maybe I’ll get my spin on.  I am really looking forward to starting work tomorrow!!

Yesterday’s spinning class was fantastic!  ..very fun and informative.  I learned all sorts of things, like how to use a bottom whorl drop spindle (useful), tons of information about spinning wheels/spinning/wool (interesting), and the spinning wheel I fell in love with is way out of my price range (just sad).  Time to start saving!  :oD

I also had a bit of a feast yesterday to celebrate my impending employment.  It took two days of cooking to finish everything (bread, brisket, cheesecake, salad..), but it was well worth it.

I finally managed to branch out and make some different bread..pumpernickel!  The recipe comes from my super old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  Very potentially my best bread ever, and Dave helped a lot while I was away at spinning class.

I also made some yummy cheesecake!!  Also a pain to make.  Also well worth it.  :)

The recipe for this one comes from my new Food Network cookbook!  I won it for free by playing games on this site, if you’re interested!

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This V-day, I decided to do something extra special for Dave.  I’ve never knit him anything before, so I figured it was about time.

I knit him a Megaman Helmet!!  ..and he loves it.  What a fitting gift for a video game nerd!  :o)

The pattern, which is based off of another pattern, can be found here.  It was a really enjoyable knit (especially after I realized Dave already knew what he was getting and I didn’t have to work strictly in secrecy), but damn does this hat require a lot of stitching!  Excluding the obvious (read: light blue embellishments), the entire back of the hat is sewn together.

I mean, sure you can tell there’s a seam, but hell if that isn’t the prettiest seam I’ve ever made.  Of course, it helped to have worked on seaming my vest the night before.  (By the way, it’s very nearly finished!)

I also figured he could use a cute little bit of engineering geekiness.  The adorable (and quick!) pattern for Resisty the Resistor can be found here.

Oh!  If you’re wondering what Dave got me..it’s a SPINNING CLASS!!  It’s three hours this Saturday and I am so excited!

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spin spin spin

Recently, I have felt really compelled to spin. I’m not really sure why..maybe I just like a bit of a change from knitting. Or maybe I like that I can see my progress in improved yarn quality as I go. I finished my brown skein yesterday.

I think I am in love. I really wasn’t expecting it to turn out as nicely as it did! I’m really proud of this one. It’s so..even. Seriously, I am going to have to find an amazing pattern for this yarn!

I was planning on holding off a bit before starting my next spinning project, but I guess spinning is a bit like sock knitting. I just can’t not have an ongoing project. It’s a good thing I went ahead and bought this roving a while back!

This will be the first roving I’ve bought with a finished project in mind, and it’s turning out to be a really interesting process. I feel really self-conscious of the yarn I’m spinning, worried that my finished product is going to be either too thin or too fat.  I want a good bulky weight yarn to make a Thorpe hat from Through the Loops. I suppose I can always make something else and buy the yarn for the hat. Now that I have a job (not that I’ve started yet), I feel like I don’t have to worry so much about the future of my knitting projects!

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scary delicious

I really wanted to make some peanut butter cookies last night. You know when there’s something you just have to have? Yeah. Well, I wasn’t completely impressed with the last PB cookie recipe I tried. I mean, they weren’t bad, but they just weren’t amazing. I stumbled upon this recipe during my search last night. MAKE THESE COOKIES. You won’t regret it..unless you’re allergic to peanuts, I suppose.

So amazing.

And, just because Snake was complaining about not getting enough blog space, here’s what my lazy girl does all day..

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happy day!

I guess the interview yesterday went pretty well because..I got the job!! I couldn’t be more pleased. (That’s a lie; it’s a 40 minute drive each way, but it’s not a huge deal.) I’m really excited about the position, and I hope to start this week or next.  The best part is just being able to live without the stress of job-hunting!

Thursday I went ahead and tried out the French Bread recipe in my new cookbook. It turned out great! (Two loaves and twelve rolls!) I think this was my best bread yet, in fact. I realized, though, that I only ever make French Bread! I really want to branch out into other breads, so we’ll see what comes next. I’d actually LOVE to try this recipe, but alas! I have no Dutch oven.

Also on Thursday..naughty Snake ate one of Dave’s flip flops while we were out. Today she’s already cozying up to his new ones..

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Sitting here, drinking my delicious Ovaltine, I came to a realization about my blog: I never really talk about myself or my non-fiber life. Initially, I didn’t really want to, but recently I’ve been feeling more and more like I want to share things that are going on with ME. I mean, geez. I don’t even think I posted about my graduation!

So, yeah..I graduated. I’m a real engineer now! (Sort of.) I’ve spent at least the past month looking for a job in Tucson. It’s been really frustrating. So far, I’ve applied for over 30 jobs and had one interview. I have another one Friday, though, and I feel really good about it! Fingers crossed and all that. I’ve also applied for graduate school in the fall! ..more on that later.

Don’t get me wrong, being unemployed BLOWS. However, it does allow me some extra free time for knitting/spinning/whatever. (There’s only so many hours per day you can spend looking for jobs. There’s only so many jobs I qualify for in one city, right?)  Since I have larger projects on the needles right now, I have sort of a system worked out.  I alternate days between the two projects, and I primarily knit in the evenings when we’re watching TV.

I won’t bother showing you the vest; it looks the same but longer. The Noro socks, on the other hand, are coming along quite nicely:

During the day, I find that I’m more attracted to my spinning. I’m less than one roving ball away from being able to ply this one up!! I’m really excited, too, because I have a more hardcore spindle to ply with now. I have NO idea what I’m going to make of this when I’m finished, but I’m definitely thrilled for the next spinning challenge!

Aside from knitting/spinning/job hunting, I really want to get back into baking more, especially bread. My friend Kate from Ravelry was giving away some of her cookbooks last week, and she sent me this one for just the price of shipping! Of course, everyone knows how much I freaking LOVE Martha Stewart. I am definitely very psyched! I think I may make some bread tomorrow. Just reading through the book was exciting. The recipes sound so fancy and refined, but still so EASY!! Yesss.

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