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sewing without direction

Yesterday, I took it upon myself to make use of the fabric scraps that came from my PJ pants FAIL. I decided upon a wiener dog softie and did a bit of experimental sewing/pattern making.

It didn’t turn out how I expected it to, but I learned a lot from the process, and I have the next iteration cut out and ready to be sewn! I’ll just give all of my practice pieces to someone who will love them despite their imperfetions..

Happy Monday! :o)

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FO parade

It has been WAY too long since I flashed some actual knitting around here, so may I introduce my most recent completed projects?

..awesome Noro socks, made from this pattern/guideline, completed in March.

..a dishcloth, made from this pattern in Sugar n Cream cotton.  Just as a little backstory on this one, a friend at work taught me how to knit with the Continental method (I’m normally an English knitter).  This cloth was the first thing I’ve knit Continental-ly!  I really like it, but I don’t foresee it taking over as my main style anytime soon.

..a purse!  I finally used my sewing machine to make something.  It sews amazingly well.  The pattern is free online here (watch out, it goes immediately to download).  Hopefully I can get back to it and make something else useful soon.  The PJ pants I attempted last weekend were a mega bust.  I was really sad.

..a fabulous pair of socks made with the Hedgerow pattern and Perfect Day Yarns Ode to the Sea.  LOVE!

..and some cute/EASY catnip mouse toys for my friend Renee’s kitties!  :o)  Pattern’s here.

I have obviously lost my blogging mojo for quite a while.  I have some projects I really want to start/finish, so hopefully it will return soon!

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Last weekend, in a sudden bout of spontaneity, Dave and I drove to the Grand Canyon!  One of his team members bailed on the rest of them, and my sweetie needed someone to make the 6 hour drive with him.

We had planned on camping for the night, but when we arrived, it turned out that there was a misunderstanding about spending the night..so we turned around and drove right back!  No, seriously.  We drove 6 hours up and 6 hours back, all in the same day.

Really, though..it was beautiful and amazing (and windy!), and we had such a good time!  I foresee more day trips in our future.  :o)

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