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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms, grandmas, dogmoms, etc.  :o)
And of course to my mom.  I love you!  (..and enjoy the washcloths!)

Today is also my brother’s 21st, so happy birthday wishes as well!!  :oD

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After leaving it for far too long with only the collar remaining..I finally finished my vest last week!!

It’s made of Ella Rae Classic from the pattern “Leftovers,” which can be found here.  Mine’s not really made from leftovers..but who cares?!

I’m happy to have a real garment I could wear any day (once I leave Arizona, at least), and I’m looking forward to starting another larger project soon.  It will probably be a cardigan or hoodie of some sort that I could use as a jacket in the fall.  (You know, one that isn’t overly bulky or sheddy like the last one I made?)

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