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a year of growth

It’s been exactly one year since the day we brought home Snake.  So scrawny you could see her hips sticking out the back of her butt, in pain from being spayed, and terrified in a new place, she was the puppy I’d always wanted.  And she still is.

It’s incredible how much has changed during this past year.  Two Petsmart classes and two moves later, here we are.  I can’t believe how much she’s learned, and she’s grown into such a beautiful girl.  My skinny, short little puppy got tall.  (I seem to recall thinking she could be part Basset?  Ha.  Ha ha!  Now we wonder if she’s not part Greyhound.)

Of course there’s plenty that hasn’t changed.  She’s still a little too smart for her own good, she goes nuts over peanut butter, and she’d rather play tug than cuddle.  She’s still my baby.

I feel so lucky to have Snake in my life.  She makes me smile every day, and I love her to pieces.  I can hardly remember what life was like without her just a year ago, it seems like she’s always been with me.

Here’s to many more happy years together!  <3

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..just keep telling myself that, right?  And knitting!  I finished my Noro scarf sometime last week.

It’s wondrously thick and wooly, and really really long, to boot.  This is what four skeins of Noro Kureyon will get you.

So maybe if I wear this, and some other neck accessory, plus some mittens and two hats and four pairs of socks..  Well, I mean, I could probably live through to spring, right?

I fully intend to wear it like this on my walk to class, too.  Angry face most definitely included.

If you want to make your own giant squishy Noro scarf, you can find the free guidelines I used here.  Just try really hard (like you could) to get four skeins without breaks in them!  There’s one spot in my scarf where the color changes like that, and it drives me a little nuts.

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Ah, the first day of school.  A year ago, I was so uncertain about when I’d have another.  I’ve been more or less dreading it all summer: the work, the stress, the lack of personal time.  But this morning when I sat down in that classroom, I fell right back into it.  The organization and the obvious expectations, while not so common in the real world, really drive me to be productive and focused, giving me a real sense of accomplishment that does wonders for me.  I feel good about this adventure.

The abysmal parking situation, the necessity to wake up before even Snake wants to, and the smelly kid sitting next to me in class..  Well, maybe let’s just focus on the positive.  :oD

I finished a pair of socks last week!  Finally.  Four month socks?  Yikes!

Now, I know they look really great, but I would be lying if I told you they were perfect and amazing and all that.  Like all socks I make, I counted the rows/pattern repeats, so they would turn out exactly the same.  Only they didn’t.  In spending so much time between each and having improvised my own heel, something got lost.  ..so one sock turned out to have a completely different fit than the other.  WEIRD.

Also weird: the color pattern.  Long story short, I had a knot in one skein that funkified my color pattern, and the other one didn’t match perfectly anyways.  Who cares?  Fraternal is cool!

The pattern, from Knitty, is called Froot Loops.

Happy school season!

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everybody poops

..but does it always make you smile so much?  I finished my bathroom, and wow am I in love.

Before: wallpaper, no shower, sink built for a ten year old, carpet.  Gross.

During: non-functional complete disaster.  I didn’t even take pictures of the gaping holes for the toilet and sink lines when they were visible.

After: new everything but the tub, more or less.  It’s glorious.  I am completely enamored with the low-flow toilet, and the sink really opens up what little space there is in the room.  This morning, I enjoyed my first shower in my house that did not take place in the basement.  It was incredible!

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thirty one days

Today marks one month of me in my new house. I’d love to show off pictures of every room with a new coat of paint or fabulous furniture (or even what it really looks like with my stuff in it), but that’s going to have to wait.

What I do have is a bathroom with a door on it and a toilet and sink within. It even has a shower, which I’ll be able to use tomorrow or the next day. Once I paint the moulding, it will be complete. And it only took me a month to have a finished bathroom on the ground floor! I won’t miss showering in the basement. Well..maybe a little? It’s not bad down there.

I also have three closets with brand new paint in them (mostly), a basement that’s free of spiderwebs (mostly), and a brand new circuit breaker box (long story). I honestly didn’t expect the house to be this much work, but I do love it. As does Snake! Despite the mopey look on her face, she loves to lay on the shoes..she’s just a flash hater.

Apparently, the mailman got the message that today was special, too! I got a couple of Etsy orders I’ve been really excited about, fiber from Spindlefrog, and earrings from Anna’s Art. They both had really great deals (particularly on the earrings!) and really quick shipping!

I promise to get pictures of at least the bathroom soon!

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