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happy birthday

This past week, my neighbors’ dog Cheyenne had her first litter of puppies!

We’d all been expecting her to have them over the weekend, but she held out until Tuesday (of course..the least convenient day for both of my neighbors).  I barely made it back from class to see the birth of the second pup.  It was incredible!

I am so amazed by the power of instinct.  She just magically knows everything.  Cheyenne is such a good mama; it’s really fascinating to watch how she interacts with them!  In some ways, it seems like she knows better than human parents, as she can always pacify them when they cry.

That is Huey (Hooey?  I’m not sure how to spell it, but it’s WHO-ee, not HUE-ee), the boy and the first.  The second puppy is a girl named Ella..she’s a bit camera-shy.

Ah!  The miracle of life.  :o)

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fall perfection

Yesterday was gorgeous!  Beautiful weather, relaxation, productivity..  Basically everything I could want of mid-October.  I even finished something important on Friday, so I could go about ignoring schoolwork relatively guilt-free!

Ah, knitting!  I used to do that all the time..remember?

I went a little crazy and raked the entire front yard.  Trust me, that pile of leaves is bigger than it looks in the picture!!

And though my main motivation was (I HAVE BEEN REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE IDEA OF THIS SINCE MOVING IN) those pumpkin leaf bags, the finished product is pretty damn rewarding. I only regret not taking a “before” picture.

Yes, that is indeed my trunk filled with pumpkins.  Yes, there are more pumpkins in the backseat.  And yes, I may be a bit squash-happy.

One of the professors in my department sent out an email Friday saying that he had an excess of pumpkins at his farm..he wanted to share the rest with all of us in exchange for some feedback on potentially opening up a you-pick next season.  Imagine previous years of pumpkin-picking in Willcox..only the pumpkins are free (and more or less perfect), and you are told to “fill your vehicle.”  I brought the neighbors with me, and we did just that!  Of course, we shared with others in the neighborhood..no one needs that many pumpkins.  It was so much fun!!

Add to all of that a crockpot simmering with a green chile pork loin.  WIN.

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kickin’ it old school

Last weekend, Dave came up to visit!!  We had such an awesome time just hanging out and relaxing and being sweeties.  After four months apart, it was something I really needed.  It’s easy to forget exactly what it feels like to be so happy with someone you love.  I can’t wait until December!

Sappiness aside, we had a really fun time checking out the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon, an annual event that recreates life in mid-1700s Indiana.

It was neat to see so many displays!  The smoky smell everywhere might have been the best part, but the food was pretty decent, too.

Dave said he liked the blacksmiths the best, but this lady was my personal favorite.  And those colorful skeins of yarn!  Absolutely gorgeous..and each one was tagged with the type of dye that was used to produce the color.  I’m honestly a little surprised that natural dyes can produce such an array!

Overall, the Feast was a great time, and I would definitely go back!  The line to get on the shuttle bus to go home, however..well, I’ll just say it was a bit longer than anticipated.  And as fascinating as the costumes were, it’s very unlikely that we’d attend in 1700s clothing!  ;o)

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taking it easy

School is officially kicking my ass. I’ve been really busy with homework, exams, work, etc. which means, of course, that I’ve had little time for knitting, blogging, spinning, etc. However, this weekend I was able to get away for the Yarn Cravin’ Fall Retreat! It was a fantastic time with a bunch of people I really love.. not to mention the fact that I doubled my (still meager) stash and got a lot of good knitting done! I’ll share a few shots, but if you want to see the whole set, you can find it here. It was silly and ridiculous and awesome.

I started (and finished) a Thorpe! I also finished an afghan square, worked on my stripy socks, and started a pair of thrummed mittens. Ooh, and I learned how to ply on the fly!

Damn I wish I was still there! Yay knitting. Boo Monday.

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