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fried pb&j

What happens when you promise a weekly sandwich post, run out of ideas after three weeks, and then don’t even manage to get any sandwich materials at the grocery store?

You fry a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  It’s actually quite good, once you get past the expectation that you are biting into a grilled cheese.


  • plain, boring white bread (again)
  • your favorite peanut butter
  • your favorite jelly/jam/preserves (or this would ROCK with Nutella)
  • unsalted butter

Step 1: Put some butter into the pan to melt.

Step 2: While the butter is melting, spread the peanut butter.  Place the peanut buttered bread, PB side up, in the pan.

Step 3: Spread the jelly on the other piece of bread, and place it on top of the PB bread in the pan to make a sandwich.

Step 4: Flip the sandwich to burn brown the jelly side.  (Setting off your fire alarm is optional.)

Step 5: Try it out!  It doesn’t go super well with potato chips, but I didn’t know what else to eat with it.

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home is where the pooch is

I was really surprised at how good it felt to return today.  I’m still not a huge fan of Indiana, but something just feels right about falling back into your routine..even if it means a ton of work until Christmas.  And Snake went crazy welcoming me back.  :o)  I missed her, too.

Have I mentioned before how badly it sucks to have no airport in your city?  That hour and a half drive just kills me.  It was even worse today, thanks to post-holiday-weekend school traffic.  In no world did I ever expect the Sunday after Thanksgiving to be worse on the road from Indianapolis to Lafayette than from Phoenix to Tucson.  I was wrong.

However, I was smart enough to make the most of the trek home.  Indy has a Trader Joe’s that’s right on my way.  OH yeah.  Not only do I have an entire freezer and pantry full of yummy stuff, but I also have a Christmas tree!!  Hopefully I won’t kill it this year.  Bring on December!

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Can I just say that hanging with the family I haven’t seen in months obviously must take precedence over interesting and meaningful blog posts during NaBloPoMo?  Who planned this during the month of November, anyways?  :oP

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black friday

Let it be known that I have faced the wrath of Black Friday at 3 AM.  Let it also be known that I did not get my free copy of Lego Rock Band from Old Navy.  Apparently actually waking up to go there at 3 isn’t enough; you need to stand in line around midnight.  Meh.  Next year I’m staying home!

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happy thanksgiving!

I have a lot to be thankful for this year.  Most notably, I’m glad to be at home spending the holiday with my family.  I hope everyone’s turkey day was as relaxing and fun as mine was!

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This Albuquerque turkey made it home safe and sound. I don’t have anything to say except that I’m really happy to be here and ready for some days of family, friends, and relaxation! :o)

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sweet relief!

My two major exams are finished!!  Now I can focus on packing and running home like a happy little turkey in love.  :o)  I feel so content right now.

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During one of my teenage birthdays, my mom helped me throw a tea party for my friends.  My friends and I got all dolled up in summery dresses and funny hats, and it was a blast!

In planning, we tried to make it as fancy as possible, with all of the little candies and pastries and everything.  We had several different fancy little finger sandwiches that we put out.  Here’s a scale-up of one of those mini sandwiches that works really well as an everyday lunch.


  • plain, boring white bread (I got the cheap kind, but the whole grain white would probably be a better option.)
  • a cucumber
  • green onions/chives
  • spreadable cream cheese

Step 1: Chop the chives!

Step 2: In order to make the spread for this sandwich, you will need to stir the chives into the cream cheese.  The degree of onioniness is totally in your hands; I like a lot of flavor, so I tend to add quite a few.  It’s up to you.

Step 3: Spread away.

Step 4: Chop the cucumber and place the slices on your sandwich!

Step 5: EAT IT.  Mmm!


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I finished some socks! Now let’s hope they bring me some luck on my exam tomorrow night. :o) I know they’ll at least keep my feet warm. And they’ll look cool. You gotta love that stripey goodness!

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some days..

I’d rather be somewhere else.

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