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creamy bacon sandwich

Alright, so this sandwich is horribly unhealthy.  I was going to rock the cucumber and chivey cream cheese sandwich, but when I pulled out the cucumber in my fridge..it was growing!  So I improvised.  With bacon.

This sandwich would be really good for breakfast.  I think it would work better on a bagel, even.


  • bread/bagel
  • cream cheese
  • bacon

Step 1: Fry up a few pieces of your favorite thick bacon.

Step 2: While your bacon’s frying, spread the cream cheese.  No brainer.  Mine has chives in it, but I think this sandwich would be better with plain.  Your call.

Step 3: Enjoy with some hashbrowns!  Try not to think to hard about the nutritional value of your lunch.

This might or might not be the last of the sandwich posts.  It might just be too silly..and I’m running out of ideas.

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