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ketchup time

So it’s been a month.  Finals got the better of me, sucking up loads of time, stressing me out, and driving me insane.  I can now officially say that my first semester of grad school is over and done with!  I’m ready to work my ass off and be a real grad student now.  I’m excited to get some stuff done and learn a lot.  Whoo!

After finals, the rest of December whizzed by.  I flew out to Tucson for Dave’s graduation (we made a glorious, impromptu, blasphemous [maybe?] beer bottle menorah), we drove up to Phoenix for Christmas, and then we packed up Dave’s car and moved him out here, stopping for a few days to visit my family in Albuquerque.  So not only have I survived my first semester of graduate school, but I’ve also survived the long six months alone up here!

I made some Christmas presents.  Dave got socks, Mom got a scarf, and Brian got a hacky sack.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the hacky sack, but the socks and scarf turned out beautifully!  (Links are to patterns!)

Since we’ve gotten back, I’ve done a little bit of work and a little bit of knitting.  We’re getting this ridiculous snowstorm that’s all over the Midwest right now, so that’s been exciting.  Fortunately, I also finished my thrummed mittens a few days ago!  They’ve come in handy.  (No pun intended.)

I hope the rest of the world has been doing well!  Apparently, going out of town means completely neglecting the computer for me.

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