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finding a rhythm

I finished the last project (the bolero below..it’s more impressive now that I’ve washed it, so don’t judge) I had on my needles, and now I’m in the process of knitting exactly nothing.  I really like the feeling of having a clean slate; I feel ready to start something new!  ..or probably a few something news.  :o)

It seems like recently, my knitting projects tend to come in waves.  I’ll start a bunch of things, work on them together for a while, tell myself I won’t start anything new until I’ve finished them, and then begin the process all over again with another set of projects.

Dave and I leave for Arizona tomorrow, and I am really excited to start some new stuff on the trip!  I’m planning on at least a pair of socks and a shawl, but I’ll probably add a hat and a cardigan to that list once we return.

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finishing up

In the past week or so, most of the projects that I’ve been working on have come to a delightful end.  :o)  So now I get to share.

First of all..the afghan!  Oh, the afghan.  In all of its blue, circley beauty, the afghan is finished.  And it came out of the washer even better than it went in.  It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever made (and the best, according to Dave).  Behold.

The socks..the oh-shit-how-come-no-one-told-me-that-this-brand-of-yarn-runs-short-on-yardage-before-I-knit-such-a-long-leg-and-made-it-nearly-to-the-toe socks.  After ripping back quite a bit and starting over from the heel of the first sock, I have finished them with a bit of yarn left over.  (For the record, I would have totally run out if I’d continued my previous course.)

I also finished my first shawl!  :oD  I am completely in love.  It’s made out of cotton/rayon, so it will be perfect for warmer fall/spring days.  Lace is fun, and I’ll likely be knitting more of it in the future.

And finally..I made a new summery purse out of One-Yard Wonders!  I won the book in a blog contest over at Junie Moon back in December, and I’m glad I finally had the chance to sit down and sew one of the patterns.  (Good thing, too, because it’s way too hot to carry around the brown leather bag I’ve been using.)  If you haven’t been over to June’s blog, you really should; she’s always doing something really creative, and she’s a Tucsonan to boot.  June, if you’re reading this..thanks again for the book!  :o)

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one week

I’m coming down off of an amazing week with Lindsay, and I really don’t have anything hugely deep or reflective to say* (she did quite a good job of that already, and she’s apparently developed a penchant for making me rather leaky).

I suppose I just have to say that I love my friends as much as ever.  At times, I’ve yearned for one single omgverybestfriend to share everything with, like some people have.  The maid of honor at your wedding, the godmother of your children..that sort of thing.  But I’ve come to realize I like it best the way it is, collecting friends everywhere I go.  It’s regrettable that I will never get to have everyone in one place, but maybe the low frequency at which we get to see each other makes the time together that much more special?  Friends are always welcome here, and this was the quintessential summer week.  :o)

We went and checked out Fair Oaks Farms, a (huge) local dairy farm.  ..ice cream and cheese, live births, and an overall educational experience.

We toured Lafayette’s tiny but awesome zoo.  ..very interactive!

In between being out and about, we hung around and just enjoyed the week.  Lindsay totally spoiled us with her awesome cooking.  (Seriously, a houseguest that feeds you?!  Something is both wrong and excellent with this scenario.)  Her sister came to visit us for a day..which of course turned out to be the one day this summer we’ve had to huddle in the basement.  I turned 24.  We did a lot of reading, downtown walking, firefly catching, and lemonade drinking.

We had so much fun.  A week never seemed so short!

*Alright, maybe I did just a little bit?

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here and there

..and I was doing so well with the weekly blogging there for a while, right?

The reason I’ve been so absent here is that I’ve been so present everywhere else!  After our trip to Toledo, we spent a lovely weekend in St. Louis with Renee.  The drive was unfortunately rather eventful, as you can tell from the picture, but everything turned out alright, and we made it there and back safely.  We’ve also been to and from Indianapolis and Chicago recently, and we’ve been spending evenings this week (finally) painting the trim in the living room.  For some reason, we only get around to painting when we have company on the way.  We need to work on that.

And now, Lindsay is coming to visit!!  I am so excited to pick her up this afternoon.  She’ll be here for a whole week!  So, you know..don’t expect a ton of posting.  ;o)

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