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I spin!

Well, let’s just ignore the fact that I’ve neglected to post anything for about a month and move right on to the big news, eh?  I bought a spinning wheel!

It’s a Majacraft Suzie Pro.  I’d been saving up to get one for about two years, and the right opportunity finally came along, so I went for it!  I’m so happy I did, too.  It’s everything I wanted.  :)

So I’ve really been enjoying wheel spinning.  Once you get the feet and hands coordinated, it’s really repetitive and relaxing.  Here’s my first skein, 4 oz/280 yd of DK weight BFL that my friend Cary gave me (for anyone wondering, BFL is short for Blue Faced Leicester, a breed of sheep):

I’m currently working on some other fiber, a fine wool that my friend BJ sent over.

Between spinning and work/school, I also managed to finish my first real sweater!  I’m so proud.

Unlike the unfortunate yellow beast of a sweater I knit a couple years ago, this is something I will really wear.  Actually, it takes me considerable effort to not do so every single day.

The pattern is Central Park Hoodie, and it took me 5 skeins of Cascade 220.

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Water Sampling!

This past Friday, I volunteered to help out with the Wabash Sampling Blitz.  I had no idea what to expect, but it was so much fun!

Our little group of three drove south a ways into the middle of the country and got dirty (literally) in some of the Wabash streams.  We brought back some water samples and did a few tests (pH, temperature, chlorine, copper, etc.) right in the stream.

It’s definitely something that I’ll volunteer for again in the future!  :)

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Our friends Ashley and Aaron came back this weekend (married!) to pick up Gizmo.  It was really nice to have a little more time with them to just hang out, rather than a quick one-night visit like last time.  I have to admit that I kind of miss the sound of the little guy’s wheel going in the night, but it’s nice to be able to leave the basement door open without concern!

And!  I taught Ashley how to knit!  :oD  Well, I had taught her a bit last time we were together, but this time we really got into everything.  She’d made a few garter stitch potholders before, but she picked out her first “real” project at the yarn store here..socks.  Socks!  And I don’t mean plain socks, either.  She grabbed this braided cable sock pattern and decided that it was the one.  I am in awe.  The girl is a badass!  This picture doesn’t show the colors so well; it’s more purples and pinks than browns and reds.  Pretty!

Ashley is such a quick learner, so calm and cool about the whole thing.  I’m so proud.  At one point, she had to rip out that cuff up there because it was a bit too big, but she just cast right back on and got going again.  I’ve never gotten this far in teaching someone how to knit, and it’s been really fun, especially with someone who’s so good at it!  I can’t wait to get together again and teach her how to do the heel.

Meanwhile, I’ve been having my own sock adventures.  I decided to give continental knitting another go with a pair of Trilobite Socks.  I wouldn’t call it a complete disaster (okay, maybe I would), but my final decision is that this technique is not for me.  It was really uncomfortable for my hands, and I was getting really frustrated and hating it.  I wound up having to rip the sock out anyways because it was too big.  Damnit.

Classes start up again Monday, so I’m just trying to enjoy my last bit of summer before it all starts again.  I think I’m probably ready to get back into a more set routine, and I am definitely ready for it to be fall.  Bring on the cooler weather!

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epic thrift

I have always been a little skeptical of friends’ great thrifting finds.  I mean, really.  Do I not know what to look for?  Are their stores better?  Do they go to better areas?  Do they spend every waking minute at Goodwill?

No longer!  The Goodwill gods have smiled upon me.  At least for today.

A bit of backstory: I’ve been eyeing some TOFUtsies yarn that’s in my yarn bowl here, looking at patterns for socks, and generally daydreaming about knitting with it.  I need size 1 needles because the yarn’s so thin, and the only US 1 sock needles I have are crap.  So I was going to buy new ones.  In a particular brand that I like.

I think at this point, you can probably see where my story’s going.

This afternoon, I’m prowling Goodwill, nothing yet in hand, when I see..a cable needle?  Well, that’s interesting.  I don’t particularly need one, but it’s bound to be cheap, right?

And then I go in to pick it up and notice this:

Well, now that’s really interesting!  It’s the brand I was looking for.  Maybe it’s something I can use?  But surely it’s a size that I already have (and wouldn’t mind another), or the set isn’t full, or it’s really bent or something..

Nope!  There it is, the exact set of needles that I was going to buy, at a discounted price, with a random cable needle tossed in!  This made my day more than you can imagine.  (I’d just come from the doctor, where I spent $20 to find out I needed some patience and was in a not-so-great sort of mood.)

I’m not sure that this story really speaks to non-knitters so much.  Sorry.  Just imagine that there’s something you’ve been thinking about excitedly for a couple of days, and the universe just drops it in your lap.  Like maybe you’ve been craving cake, and someone brings in cupcakes for the office during a long afternoon when you’re really falling asleep.  Or something.

Anyways, I’m really excited about the needles!  :oD

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home again

Our trip home last week, while great, was way too short.  We didn’t quite get to see everyone we wanted to or relax enough, but we did get to see Joe and Katie get married!  And, really, that was the point.  :o)

Yes, he is tall.  Yes, we are short.  Yes, he’s probably wearing shoes that accentuate this even further.  The ceremony was beautiful (and really interesting, being that this was the first wedding either of us has been to), and we had a lot of fun at the reception, despite knowing exactly zero of the other guests.

On the way home, we flew past Albuquerque!  So cool.  I couldn’t not take a picture.

And I did, in fact, start a bunch of new knitting projects on the trip.  They’re progressing nicely.  I’ll share pictures eventually.

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here and there

..and I was doing so well with the weekly blogging there for a while, right?

The reason I’ve been so absent here is that I’ve been so present everywhere else!  After our trip to Toledo, we spent a lovely weekend in St. Louis with Renee.  The drive was unfortunately rather eventful, as you can tell from the picture, but everything turned out alright, and we made it there and back safely.  We’ve also been to and from Indianapolis and Chicago recently, and we’ve been spending evenings this week (finally) painting the trim in the living room.  For some reason, we only get around to painting when we have company on the way.  We need to work on that.

And now, Lindsay is coming to visit!!  I am so excited to pick her up this afternoon.  She’ll be here for a whole week!  So, you know..don’t expect a ton of posting.  ;o)

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Lovin’ Ohio’s Face

This past weekend, Dave (and Snake!) and I had the pleasure of driving to Toledo to meet up with some of my most favorite people ever.  Despite only really living there for 3 months, Ohio will always be one of my second homes.  It’s always a pleasure to return.  :o)

There was knitting.  There was spinning.  There was a sushi trip, delicious cupcakes, and all kinds of face-lovin’.  It was quite an excellent time, and I can’t wait to get together again!!  This summer is turning out to be fantastic.

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Motivated by the leethal 24 hour Make-a-Long and the promise of a visit from an old friend, Dave and I finally decided that this weekend was high time to rid ourselves of the hideous green paint covering our living room/dining room walls.

Friday night, we prepared for our adventure with several paint cards from Home Depot.  We were so ready.  Or so we thought.

As it turns out, picking a color is actually the most difficult part of painting a room.  (Who knew?)  We thought that we were doing really well!  The paint was looking amazing, especially compared to the grossness of the flat green..  By the time we realized how vast the difference between our perception and the actual color of the wall was, we’d already painted a little more than half of the room.  Pink.

Ohhhhh yeah.  So after numerous trips to Home Depot and a weekend full of work, all we have to show is mostly pink walls with green trim and five color samples hanging out in various places around the room.  Great!

Dave will be picking up our new color of choice (a lovely brown much closer to what we had envisioned..it doesn’t really show so well in that picture) tomorrow on his way home from work, and my week of studying and tests will now be accented with home improvement.  :o)  Can’t any of these damn house projects be easy?

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call me insane

Yes, this is the start of another afghan.  No, I am not anywhere near finishing the first one.  I might have a problem.

Also..we made some delicious kofta!  Here’s the recipe.

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Now, I’m no gyoza master like Lindsay, but last night, Dave and I had our own Japanese cooking adventure.  Miso soup, tempura, yaki onigiri, and teriyaki beef.  MMM.  We had a really fun time picking out the ingredients at the local Asian market!  It was..challenging.  :o)  And we have a 15 lb bag of sushi rice now.

I didn’t manage any pictures of last night’s meal, but we reaheated the teriyaki beef and yaki onigiri for dinner tonight.  It was just as good the second time.

Other than stuffing my face with delicious homemade food, in the past week I’ve enjoyed picking up the hook for a bit of crocheting.  I have to say, I think this is the start of something big..

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