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I made some stuff!

I don’t have a whole lot going on right now, but I was really productive with the crafting this weekend, so I suppose I may as well show it off!  It’ll probably die down soon, since I’m extra busy with school/work stuff from here until Christmas.  I guess I have to brag while I can.  ;)

I finally remembered to take pictures of the cardigan I’m working on..

This piece is both the back and front sides of the cardigan, and in about 5 rows, I’ll be dividing it up for the armholes.  I suppose you could call this my first real sweater project, and I’m really excited about the way it’s turning out!

I also managed to finish a skein of handspun this weekend, 138 yd/4 oz of BFL singles spun from Knitty and Color.  Though I’m not particularly thrilled with the quality of my spinning, the fiber is really soft and fluffy, and the color is rich and pretty.

It’s been a while, but I finally picked up the crochet hook and worked on my afghan squares.  I still have no clue how many I’m aiming for, but I’ve made it to 30!

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finishing up

In the past week or so, most of the projects that I’ve been working on have come to a delightful end.  :o)  So now I get to share.

First of all..the afghan!  Oh, the afghan.  In all of its blue, circley beauty, the afghan is finished.  And it came out of the washer even better than it went in.  It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever made (and the best, according to Dave).  Behold.

The socks..the oh-shit-how-come-no-one-told-me-that-this-brand-of-yarn-runs-short-on-yardage-before-I-knit-such-a-long-leg-and-made-it-nearly-to-the-toe socks.  After ripping back quite a bit and starting over from the heel of the first sock, I have finished them with a bit of yarn left over.  (For the record, I would have totally run out if I’d continued my previous course.)

I also finished my first shawl!  :oD  I am completely in love.  It’s made out of cotton/rayon, so it will be perfect for warmer fall/spring days.  Lace is fun, and I’ll likely be knitting more of it in the future.

And finally..I made a new summery purse out of One-Yard Wonders!  I won the book in a blog contest over at Junie Moon back in December, and I’m glad I finally had the chance to sit down and sew one of the patterns.  (Good thing, too, because it’s way too hot to carry around the brown leather bag I’ve been using.)  If you haven’t been over to June’s blog, you really should; she’s always doing something really creative, and she’s a Tucsonan to boot.  June, if you’re reading this..thanks again for the book!  :o)

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The afghan squares are done.  ..all 64 of them.  Seaming them together and weaving in ends is going to be a bitch.

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It’s been a pretty uneventful week around here, just consisting of school and work for the most part.

I’ve had a little bit of free time to work on projects, though, and I’m happy to share that I’m 23 squares into the afghan!  :oD  I’m starting to wonder how long it’ll take to sew them all together..

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Living in Tucson, I always felt pretty bummed that I didn’t get a real fall season.  Until this past week, though, I had completely forgotten how exciting a real spring can be!

I am so struck by the beauty of everything coming back to life on campus that I’ve actually begun to carry my camera with me again.

It seems as though the drastic seasonal change has also brought some SCIENCE! along with the flowers.  :o)  Just last week, I started taking some measurements in the lab.  Damn, does it feel good to be productive.  Classes and lit review alone were getting really tiresome.  This really seems like this is the start of my research, and that is a great feeling.

Oh!  And I’m up to 18 squares..

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call me insane

Yes, this is the start of another afghan.  No, I am not anywhere near finishing the first one.  I might have a problem.

Also..we made some delicious kofta!  Here’s the recipe.

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springy love

After my first winter in the Midwest, it’s so amazing to see everything outside suddenly coming back to life.  Little green plants are popping up everywhere, and it really feels like the change happened overnight.  I can’t believe that tomorrow is the first day of Spring already!  I’m loving opening all of the windows in the house and letting the fresh air flow through.

This past week has been Purdue’s spring break, so I’ve gotten a bit of a chance to relax and enjoy it, too!  I took the first 3 days of the week off while my parents visited (fun!), and I’ve primarily spent today and yesterday reading articles at home.

It’s so nice to have a break from class.  Somehow, between spending time with mom & dad, doing yardwork, and shopping, I even found a few minutes to crochet some more afghan squares.  It still seems like it will never be done, but at least I can see the progress!  I’m twelve in.

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Now, I’m no gyoza master like Lindsay, but last night, Dave and I had our own Japanese cooking adventure.  Miso soup, tempura, yaki onigiri, and teriyaki beef.  MMM.  We had a really fun time picking out the ingredients at the local Asian market!  It was..challenging.  :o)  And we have a 15 lb bag of sushi rice now.

I didn’t manage any pictures of last night’s meal, but we reaheated the teriyaki beef and yaki onigiri for dinner tonight.  It was just as good the second time.

Other than stuffing my face with delicious homemade food, in the past week I’ve enjoyed picking up the hook for a bit of crocheting.  I have to say, I think this is the start of something big..

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FO parade

It has been WAY too long since I flashed some actual knitting around here, so may I introduce my most recent completed projects?

..awesome Noro socks, made from this pattern/guideline, completed in March.

..a dishcloth, made from this pattern in Sugar n Cream cotton.  Just as a little backstory on this one, a friend at work taught me how to knit with the Continental method (I’m normally an English knitter).  This cloth was the first thing I’ve knit Continental-ly!  I really like it, but I don’t foresee it taking over as my main style anytime soon.

..a purse!  I finally used my sewing machine to make something.  It sews amazingly well.  The pattern is free online here (watch out, it goes immediately to download).  Hopefully I can get back to it and make something else useful soon.  The PJ pants I attempted last weekend were a mega bust.  I was really sad.

..a fabulous pair of socks made with the Hedgerow pattern and Perfect Day Yarns Ode to the Sea.  LOVE!

..and some cute/EASY catnip mouse toys for my friend Renee’s kitties!  :o)  Pattern’s here.

I have obviously lost my blogging mojo for quite a while.  I have some projects I really want to start/finish, so hopefully it will return soon!

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As we’ve all heard, this is a really historic week. What? No, I don’t mean the new president. MY TEAM IS GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!! I am so excited! Go Cards!

As for knitting, sometimes it’s awesome having no ongoing projects. The clean slate makes me feel really creative about what I decide to make next, and maybe I end up with a bunch of nifty smaller projects..like these amigurumi safety cones.

The pattern is so quick, and I just love the adorable result!! Once I started making them, I didn’t really want to stop. I may just make more until I run out of garish orange yarn. :o)

I also finished a hat today! This one’s going to be a birthday gift.

It’s made with short rows, and the construction was really fun! The pattern can be found here. I had almost exactly the perfect amount of yarn in one ball..I think I’ve got a yard or so left. The yarn I used was insane, though!! From the outside, I thought it was going to be all red and brown. That yellow/orange was really a shock. I love the way it turned out! Maybe I’ll make another one for me. :o)

In the midst of all of this joyous crochet/knitterly creation, I had a tragic laundry incident last night where I partially felted my awesome new socks. I could’ve cried. They are still wearable, but significantly tighter and warmer. Maybe it’ll turn out to be a good thing if I need REALLY warm socks. Superwash my ASS!!

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