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I spin!

Well, let’s just ignore the fact that I’ve neglected to post anything for about a month and move right on to the big news, eh?  I bought a spinning wheel!

It’s a Majacraft Suzie Pro.  I’d been saving up to get one for about two years, and the right opportunity finally came along, so I went for it!  I’m so happy I did, too.  It’s everything I wanted.  :)

So I’ve really been enjoying wheel spinning.  Once you get the feet and hands coordinated, it’s really repetitive and relaxing.  Here’s my first skein, 4 oz/280 yd of DK weight BFL that my friend Cary gave me (for anyone wondering, BFL is short for Blue Faced Leicester, a breed of sheep):

I’m currently working on some other fiber, a fine wool that my friend BJ sent over.

Between spinning and work/school, I also managed to finish my first real sweater!  I’m so proud.

Unlike the unfortunate yellow beast of a sweater I knit a couple years ago, this is something I will really wear.  Actually, it takes me considerable effort to not do so every single day.

The pattern is Central Park Hoodie, and it took me 5 skeins of Cascade 220.

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cake and a sweater

As classes start back up tomorrow and will soon consume my life, I’ve spent the weekend making good on some of those personal goals for the year.

I saw the recipe for this pistachio cake last week and was immediately attached to the idea of making one.  So I did.  :)  I’m such a sucker for bundt cakes.

I’ve made a lot of progress on my sweater in the past week, too!  I took this picture yesterday, but I’m probably about halfway done with the sleeves by now.  The body of the sweater’s already done.  It’s really a walnut color..not mauve as this picture would have you believe.

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I made some stuff!

I don’t have a whole lot going on right now, but I was really productive with the crafting this weekend, so I suppose I may as well show it off!  It’ll probably die down soon, since I’m extra busy with school/work stuff from here until Christmas.  I guess I have to brag while I can.  ;)

I finally remembered to take pictures of the cardigan I’m working on..

This piece is both the back and front sides of the cardigan, and in about 5 rows, I’ll be dividing it up for the armholes.  I suppose you could call this my first real sweater project, and I’m really excited about the way it’s turning out!

I also managed to finish a skein of handspun this weekend, 138 yd/4 oz of BFL singles spun from Knitty and Color.  Though I’m not particularly thrilled with the quality of my spinning, the fiber is really soft and fluffy, and the color is rich and pretty.

It’s been a while, but I finally picked up the crochet hook and worked on my afghan squares.  I still have no clue how many I’m aiming for, but I’ve made it to 30!

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Happy (S)Oc(k)tober!  :D  Life’s good.

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hard workin’

Damn, almost a month since my last update?  The return of classes has been hardcore taking over my life!  Y’all will be happy to know that I’m being really productive, though.  I feel so much better about myself when I’m getting something done.  If I find myself spinning my wheels, I tend to become really anxious.  I mean, being stressed out and overworked isn’t great, either, but at least I can enjoy the relaxation guilt-free when those chunks of time end.  The gorgeous fall weather moving in keeps me happy, too.  :)

I had my first commitee meeting this week, and it went really well.  (Your committee is a group of professors who will eventually judge your thesis when you defend it and decide whether you graduate or not.)  My committee members are really nice and helpful, and they liked my project ideas a lot.  Being the type who’s really helped by set milestones, I feel so good about having it done.

Other than that, there’s not too much going on around here!  I’m getting as much knitting done as I can when my nights aren’t full of work or studying.  :)

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Our friends Ashley and Aaron came back this weekend (married!) to pick up Gizmo.  It was really nice to have a little more time with them to just hang out, rather than a quick one-night visit like last time.  I have to admit that I kind of miss the sound of the little guy’s wheel going in the night, but it’s nice to be able to leave the basement door open without concern!

And!  I taught Ashley how to knit!  :oD  Well, I had taught her a bit last time we were together, but this time we really got into everything.  She’d made a few garter stitch potholders before, but she picked out her first “real” project at the yarn store here..socks.  Socks!  And I don’t mean plain socks, either.  She grabbed this braided cable sock pattern and decided that it was the one.  I am in awe.  The girl is a badass!  This picture doesn’t show the colors so well; it’s more purples and pinks than browns and reds.  Pretty!

Ashley is such a quick learner, so calm and cool about the whole thing.  I’m so proud.  At one point, she had to rip out that cuff up there because it was a bit too big, but she just cast right back on and got going again.  I’ve never gotten this far in teaching someone how to knit, and it’s been really fun, especially with someone who’s so good at it!  I can’t wait to get together again and teach her how to do the heel.

Meanwhile, I’ve been having my own sock adventures.  I decided to give continental knitting another go with a pair of Trilobite Socks.  I wouldn’t call it a complete disaster (okay, maybe I would), but my final decision is that this technique is not for me.  It was really uncomfortable for my hands, and I was getting really frustrated and hating it.  I wound up having to rip the sock out anyways because it was too big.  Damnit.

Classes start up again Monday, so I’m just trying to enjoy my last bit of summer before it all starts again.  I think I’m probably ready to get back into a more set routine, and I am definitely ready for it to be fall.  Bring on the cooler weather!

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finding a rhythm

I finished the last project (the bolero below..it’s more impressive now that I’ve washed it, so don’t judge) I had on my needles, and now I’m in the process of knitting exactly nothing.  I really like the feeling of having a clean slate; I feel ready to start something new!  ..or probably a few something news.  :o)

It seems like recently, my knitting projects tend to come in waves.  I’ll start a bunch of things, work on them together for a while, tell myself I won’t start anything new until I’ve finished them, and then begin the process all over again with another set of projects.

Dave and I leave for Arizona tomorrow, and I am really excited to start some new stuff on the trip!  I’m planning on at least a pair of socks and a shawl, but I’ll probably add a hat and a cardigan to that list once we return.

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finishing up

In the past week or so, most of the projects that I’ve been working on have come to a delightful end.  :o)  So now I get to share.

First of all..the afghan!  Oh, the afghan.  In all of its blue, circley beauty, the afghan is finished.  And it came out of the washer even better than it went in.  It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever made (and the best, according to Dave).  Behold.

The socks..the oh-shit-how-come-no-one-told-me-that-this-brand-of-yarn-runs-short-on-yardage-before-I-knit-such-a-long-leg-and-made-it-nearly-to-the-toe socks.  After ripping back quite a bit and starting over from the heel of the first sock, I have finished them with a bit of yarn left over.  (For the record, I would have totally run out if I’d continued my previous course.)

I also finished my first shawl!  :oD  I am completely in love.  It’s made out of cotton/rayon, so it will be perfect for warmer fall/spring days.  Lace is fun, and I’ll likely be knitting more of it in the future.

And finally..I made a new summery purse out of One-Yard Wonders!  I won the book in a blog contest over at Junie Moon back in December, and I’m glad I finally had the chance to sit down and sew one of the patterns.  (Good thing, too, because it’s way too hot to carry around the brown leather bag I’ve been using.)  If you haven’t been over to June’s blog, you really should; she’s always doing something really creative, and she’s a Tucsonan to boot.  June, if you’re reading this..thanks again for the book!  :o)

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I <3 MOM

To all of the moms out there, most importantly mine, happy Mother’s Day!

My mom got some new knitted dishcloths.  :o)

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We finished painting!  We finished painting!  Hooray!  I am so in love.

Alright, so we only mostly finished painting.  The moulding is still green..soon to be white.  I am in love anyways.

This past weekend was fantastic.  My friend Anthony came to visit us!  Purdue was having its annual Springfest, so we headed over to campus to check it out.  All of the different departments were out in tents selling food and hanging out.  Fun times.  We also went to check out the community garage sale at River Knits.  (Yes, I actually dragged poor Anthony to a yarn shop.  But, to be fair, he bought more yarn than I did!)  I won’t know until next week how many of my things sold, but I scored some awesome deals on a skein each of Jitterbug and TOFUtsies:

And as the perfect end to a great weekend, I finished my Sockhead Hat.  :o)

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