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One Uncle, One Niece, One Tree

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the three of us (my uncle, my aunt, and myself), but I would say this picture more or less sums up my trip to New York City. I had a fantastic time, and I can’t wait to go back.

Highlights of my trip include:

-Getting to spend a ton of time with my relatives
-Randomly joining in a procession of people taking part in Unsilent Night
-Shouting at the end of finals with the Columbia students across the street
-Seeing Curtains on Broadway
-WALKING AROUND (Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, SoHo, The Village, Times Square, etc.)
-The Bronx Botanical Gardens

Although my trip was great, I am thrilled to be at home and very excited for Christmas. (Though, of course, I miss Dave..and all of my Arizona friends.) My ridiculous bakefest begins tomorrow! I’ve put up all of my pictures from New York on my Flickr, so check them out if you so desire.

ALSO! In crafty news..Mia went to a party where someone’s artist girlfriend played with the scarf I made her for like 10 minutes and told her it was really well-made!! :oD

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new york

I’m currently in New York visiting relatives and generally having a vacation. I’m having a great time (taking lots of pictures), so look forward to more posting when I get home!

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