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Last night way my going away party at Yarn Cravin’!  I’m going to miss Ohio a lot (see yesterday’s post), but at the same time, I’m really looking forward to going back to the SW, my family (at least for a few days), Dave, and AZ buddies!  So..really mixed feelings here obviously.

I tried out a new cookie recipe last night.

These “World Peace Cookies” from Smitten Kitchen were delicious and easy to make.  Recipe’s here if you want it!  Of course, they were outshined by Ferol’s tasty from scratch cupcakes (garden-fresh raspberries included).

It was a very nice party.  I enjoyed hanging out with people I probably won’t see for a long time, knitting, relaxing, and just..being there.  A few people even got me presents!  This was completely unexpected, definitely unnecessary, and REALLY SWEET!  (To be honest, it was more than enough to just have such damn bitchin’ friends this summer!)

We made friendship bracelets out of bandanas!  I found the idea on one of my favorite blogs here.  Fun!  Make some for yourself!

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dear ohio

Thanks!  Thanks for the awesome summer, the awesome friends, the awesome (and recently slightly out of control) yarn stash, and even the (mostly) awesome job.  Mainly, though?  Thanks for the awesome friends..who are just too badass for words.

When I came here in May, I thought my friends (if they were to exist) were all going to be middle-aged men.  That..or the ducks at my apartment complex.  I knew there were knitters here.  I had already scoped out the LYS online..but I didn’t know they’d be as outgoing/fun/friendly as they are!  ..and I had no idea you could become so close to people in 2 1/2 months.  I thought it would be a lot harder to be the new person meeting people who already had established friendships.  I was SO wrong.  ..and it seems like everyone’s going to miss me!

So here’s to Tuesday nights, scary pups, Ravelry visitors, socks, ice cream for dinner, nuts, bad Mexican food, good beer, giant vegetables, sling psychrometers, scary Chinese finger food, secretive puppy shopping, girth, fireflies, Mr. Right Now, the first of July, farming, cornfield kidnappings, and shiny new cars.  I’ll miss you too!

XOXO <3 Jen!

PS: Real post to come soon!

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not kosher

Tonight I did the whole breakfast-for-dinner thing.

How could you not love this meal?  Real maple syrup?  Eggs?  BACON?!  In fact, I cooked the bacon first, so the eggs were bacon-flavored as well.  Delicious.

Speaking of eggs..

A bunch of the ducks in my apartment complex had babies recently!  This particular party was two moms and a ton of chicks.  I have more pictures up on Flickr, but this one’s my favorite on account of the speedy, blurry babies.  :oD

On a completely unrelated topic, this weekend was a blast!  A bunch of Ravelry friends came out to hang out with the Toledo folk.  There was a ridiculous amount of spinning, knitting, and (of course) LAUGHING!  We had such a great time.

This little guy, previously a vicious orange face-eating monster, was very well-behaved and sweet.  Sarah even said he misses having everyone around her house!  I’m very happy we made friends.  (I brought treats; FOOD MAKES FRIENDS!)

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playing with my food

Um..I didn’t feel like a giant zucchini wearing a handknitted sock really needed an introduction.  The zucchini was graciously bestowed upon me by Dale Ann’s brother, who grows them.  I don’t know what to make with it, but it’s gonna be something BIG.

I spent a relaxing and crazy weekend with friends, partying, spinning, knitting, and sitting around enjoying the company.  :o)  Oh!  And I got Wii Fit finally.  It’s pretty fun, but my Wii Fit age is..37?!  How did that happen?

I made these fantastic cookies to bring along and share yesterday.  They’re chocolate with chocolate chunks and cherries in them!  A hit, for sure.

The recipe, one of Martha’s, can be found here.  It’s fairly simple, and they turn out really well!

I don’t have any pictures of my spinning endeavors because I haven’t yet finished the skein I’m working on, but I would really like to spin one skein a weekend, at least until I leave Ohio.  That’s really only 2 more weekends!  I can’t believe it.  At times, it’s seemed as though I’ll never see Arizona again, but now that it’s nearing, it really seems like the summer has flown by.  At least it’ll still be summer through November in Tucson?

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tomorrow’s friday!

This week has been insane!  For someone who’s just moved to a new place, I sure have a lot of plans.  Monday night was sock club, and I started Sarah‘s sock design.  It’s really pretty, and the yarn is amazing, but I think I’m going to have to rip back because it’s too big!

It’s actually even prettier than that, but the deep red is difficult to photograph.

I also got my drop spindle in the mail!  ..now that I’m obsessed with spinning and all.  I ordered some roving, too!  It’s really pretty and I can’t wait for it to get here.

So the secret project I’ve been working on was socks!  ..for my mom’s birthday.  I’d have mentioned them Sunday, but she didn’t have them yet.  She is very impressed (as is my dad) and loves them.

The pattern, originally from here, is called Charade.  I think you have to get it from Ravelry now, though.  Still free, mind.

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the beast is back

Dave left this morning (EARLY..I came home and went back to bed for several hours), so that’s sad. But now I have all kinds of time for knitting, and that’s happy! Hooray optimism. :o) My day was pretty great, in any case.

After a really productive morning (think cleaning, oil change, groceries, etc.), I spent the entire afternoon at Yarn Cravin’. Not only did I buy a ridiculous amount of yellow yarn (6 skeins!), I started a really exciting new project and had an excellent time hanging out with some of my favorite Ohio folks. I also created the largest ball of yarn I’ve ever seen. It was as big as my head. Proof:

I’m not crazy. There’s a really good reason for that huge mass of yarn! My pattern calls for super bulky yarn, and they didn’t happen to have any in yellow. We figured two strands of bulky would work as a super bulky; it turns out you really need three. Three strands of bulky yarn! This project is just so weird.

So I finally started making my chunky cardigan, and I am so pumped about it. After leaving, I spent the entire evening working on it at home. I have one small problem. I’m about 8 inches in..and I’ve decided I don’t like the back in garter stitch. It may be painful, but I think I’m going to have to rip it back. In fact, this is the only thing that stopped me from working on it long enough to get back to this post I started hours ago.

It seems like a lot of my knitting projects have been going this way recently. I mean..I have a sock in my bag that I don’t even want to think about. I picked up too few stitches on the heel, so it’s all scrunchy and weird. Why, as an outrageous perfectionist, did I one day decide to take up knitting?

I’m ripping that damn sock.

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life is walking by

So..Ohio?  There are TORNADOES here!  WTF?   It’s not something I’ve ever had to deal with, so it’s really scary.  I live in an apartment on the second floor, so I don’t really know where I’m supposed to go if there’s a warning.  I had one last night,  but it didn’t hit my area, so that was a relief.  I suppose I’ll have to ask someone before I get another.

In any case, I am currently working on a pair of socks and a hat!  I don’t have a picture of the hat, but they’re both turning out to be really nice.  I hope to have the hat finished today.

I have all kinds of ideas for projects to follow so I just need to pick one and go with it!  I’m thinking about making a cardigan, but I’m also thinking about making a cowl, a vest, or something crocheted.  We’ll see!

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new blog

Welcome to my new blog on WordPress!  I’m really excited about it; I get to have unlimited links, and I got to make my own header!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  As it’s the summer, I plan on having more free time to do fun things and write about them.  :oD

On my ridiculously long drive to Ohio, I ran out of things to work on and decided to make a hat from scratch.  It worked!  My new hat is really fun, and I’d like to share the pattern for free..if I ever figure out how.  Hopefully, that will be forthcoming.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to work the timer on my camera, and I really suck at taking pictures of myself, but Benzene was glad to be my hat model..though the hat obviously isn’t quite his size.

Aside from not really knowing anyone yet, Ohio is great!  It’s really green here, and there’s all kinds of neat things to see and do.  There’s a farmers’ market every Thursday downtown, and I can get fresh eggs and bread from local vendors!  ..not to mention fresh lettuce and probably all kinds of other things as the summer progresses.

The LYS here has a fun knitting group that meets once a week.  I went last Tuesday and had a great time; I’m likely to go every week.

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daisies and green

Just wanted to drop in and show off my new Daisy Stitch handwarmers (modeled in true QVC fashion by Mom) and my new backyard! Aren’t they lovely? The pattern for the handwarmers can be found here!

QVC Model?


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I have arrived safely in Ohio, and it’s great! I haven’t had a lot of time to post because my mom and I are running around shopping and getting settled, but as soon as I have a good chunk, I’m going to start my new blog on WordPress! I am really excited. :oD

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