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I spin!

Well, let’s just ignore the fact that I’ve neglected to post anything for about a month and move right on to the big news, eh?  I bought a spinning wheel!

It’s a Majacraft Suzie Pro.  I’d been saving up to get one for about two years, and the right opportunity finally came along, so I went for it!  I’m so happy I did, too.  It’s everything I wanted.  :)

So I’ve really been enjoying wheel spinning.  Once you get the feet and hands coordinated, it’s really repetitive and relaxing.  Here’s my first skein, 4 oz/280 yd of DK weight BFL that my friend Cary gave me (for anyone wondering, BFL is short for Blue Faced Leicester, a breed of sheep):

I’m currently working on some other fiber, a fine wool that my friend BJ sent over.

Between spinning and work/school, I also managed to finish my first real sweater!  I’m so proud.

Unlike the unfortunate yellow beast of a sweater I knit a couple years ago, this is something I will really wear.  Actually, it takes me considerable effort to not do so every single day.

The pattern is Central Park Hoodie, and it took me 5 skeins of Cascade 220.

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Our friends Ashley and Aaron came back this weekend (married!) to pick up Gizmo.  It was really nice to have a little more time with them to just hang out, rather than a quick one-night visit like last time.  I have to admit that I kind of miss the sound of the little guy’s wheel going in the night, but it’s nice to be able to leave the basement door open without concern!

And!  I taught Ashley how to knit!  :oD  Well, I had taught her a bit last time we were together, but this time we really got into everything.  She’d made a few garter stitch potholders before, but she picked out her first “real” project at the yarn store here..socks.  Socks!  And I don’t mean plain socks, either.  She grabbed this braided cable sock pattern and decided that it was the one.  I am in awe.  The girl is a badass!  This picture doesn’t show the colors so well; it’s more purples and pinks than browns and reds.  Pretty!

Ashley is such a quick learner, so calm and cool about the whole thing.  I’m so proud.  At one point, she had to rip out that cuff up there because it was a bit too big, but she just cast right back on and got going again.  I’ve never gotten this far in teaching someone how to knit, and it’s been really fun, especially with someone who’s so good at it!  I can’t wait to get together again and teach her how to do the heel.

Meanwhile, I’ve been having my own sock adventures.  I decided to give continental knitting another go with a pair of Trilobite Socks.  I wouldn’t call it a complete disaster (okay, maybe I would), but my final decision is that this technique is not for me.  It was really uncomfortable for my hands, and I was getting really frustrated and hating it.  I wound up having to rip the sock out anyways because it was too big.  Damnit.

Classes start up again Monday, so I’m just trying to enjoy my last bit of summer before it all starts again.  I think I’m probably ready to get back into a more set routine, and I am definitely ready for it to be fall.  Bring on the cooler weather!

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finding a rhythm

I finished the last project (the bolero below..it’s more impressive now that I’ve washed it, so don’t judge) I had on my needles, and now I’m in the process of knitting exactly nothing.  I really like the feeling of having a clean slate; I feel ready to start something new!  ..or probably a few something news.  :o)

It seems like recently, my knitting projects tend to come in waves.  I’ll start a bunch of things, work on them together for a while, tell myself I won’t start anything new until I’ve finished them, and then begin the process all over again with another set of projects.

Dave and I leave for Arizona tomorrow, and I am really excited to start some new stuff on the trip!  I’m planning on at least a pair of socks and a shawl, but I’ll probably add a hat and a cardigan to that list once we return.

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We finished painting!  We finished painting!  Hooray!  I am so in love.

Alright, so we only mostly finished painting.  The moulding is still green..soon to be white.  I am in love anyways.

This past weekend was fantastic.  My friend Anthony came to visit us!  Purdue was having its annual Springfest, so we headed over to campus to check it out.  All of the different departments were out in tents selling food and hanging out.  Fun times.  We also went to check out the community garage sale at River Knits.  (Yes, I actually dragged poor Anthony to a yarn shop.  But, to be fair, he bought more yarn than I did!)  I won’t know until next week how many of my things sold, but I scored some awesome deals on a skein each of Jitterbug and TOFUtsies:

And as the perfect end to a great weekend, I finished my Sockhead Hat.  :o)

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fun times

As many of you know, Dave’s been busting his ass to find a job up here.  Positions are scarce, and it’s especially difficult to find a position without any experience in the field.  (It’s this great catch 22.  You don’t have experience, so no one wants to hire you.  You can’t get any experience unless someone does hire you.  Great.)

This past week brought lots of good news, though.  Not only did Dave hear back from a potential future employer (fingers crossed), but he also started his interim job on Friday!  Whoo!

He’s working in the hardware department, so he gets to mix paint and make keys and fun stuff like that.  I think it’ll just be nice to have a reason to get out of the house.  Looking for a job can be discouraging, stressful, and boring.  It doesn’t pay too well, either!

I started a new project of my own last week: a hat.  This hat.  It’s turning out really great so far, and I am so glad that I get to show off all of the fun colors in this yarn on my head instead of my feet.  :o)  I really thought the pattern would take forever, but it’s knitting up pretty quickly, and it’s got this cool spiral effect going on.  I love it!  Maybe I’ll even finish it in time to wear it a bit before the weather heats up any more.  ..or maybe it’s just wishful thinking to imagine that it won’t freeze up again sometime soon?

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ketchup time

So it’s been a month.  Finals got the better of me, sucking up loads of time, stressing me out, and driving me insane.  I can now officially say that my first semester of grad school is over and done with!  I’m ready to work my ass off and be a real grad student now.  I’m excited to get some stuff done and learn a lot.  Whoo!

After finals, the rest of December whizzed by.  I flew out to Tucson for Dave’s graduation (we made a glorious, impromptu, blasphemous [maybe?] beer bottle menorah), we drove up to Phoenix for Christmas, and then we packed up Dave’s car and moved him out here, stopping for a few days to visit my family in Albuquerque.  So not only have I survived my first semester of graduate school, but I’ve also survived the long six months alone up here!

I made some Christmas presents.  Dave got socks, Mom got a scarf, and Brian got a hacky sack.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the hacky sack, but the socks and scarf turned out beautifully!  (Links are to patterns!)

Since we’ve gotten back, I’ve done a little bit of work and a little bit of knitting.  We’re getting this ridiculous snowstorm that’s all over the Midwest right now, so that’s been exciting.  Fortunately, I also finished my thrummed mittens a few days ago!  They’ve come in handy.  (No pun intended.)

I hope the rest of the world has been doing well!  Apparently, going out of town means completely neglecting the computer for me.

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taking it easy

School is officially kicking my ass. I’ve been really busy with homework, exams, work, etc. which means, of course, that I’ve had little time for knitting, blogging, spinning, etc. However, this weekend I was able to get away for the Yarn Cravin’ Fall Retreat! It was a fantastic time with a bunch of people I really love.. not to mention the fact that I doubled my (still meager) stash and got a lot of good knitting done! I’ll share a few shots, but if you want to see the whole set, you can find it here. It was silly and ridiculous and awesome.

I started (and finished) a Thorpe! I also finished an afghan square, worked on my stripy socks, and started a pair of thrummed mittens. Ooh, and I learned how to ply on the fly!

Damn I wish I was still there! Yay knitting. Boo Monday.

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..just keep telling myself that, right?  And knitting!  I finished my Noro scarf sometime last week.

It’s wondrously thick and wooly, and really really long, to boot.  This is what four skeins of Noro Kureyon will get you.

So maybe if I wear this, and some other neck accessory, plus some mittens and two hats and four pairs of socks..  Well, I mean, I could probably live through to spring, right?

I fully intend to wear it like this on my walk to class, too.  Angry face most definitely included.

If you want to make your own giant squishy Noro scarf, you can find the free guidelines I used here.  Just try really hard (like you could) to get four skeins without breaks in them!  There’s one spot in my scarf where the color changes like that, and it drives me a little nuts.

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Ah, the first day of school.  A year ago, I was so uncertain about when I’d have another.  I’ve been more or less dreading it all summer: the work, the stress, the lack of personal time.  But this morning when I sat down in that classroom, I fell right back into it.  The organization and the obvious expectations, while not so common in the real world, really drive me to be productive and focused, giving me a real sense of accomplishment that does wonders for me.  I feel good about this adventure.

The abysmal parking situation, the necessity to wake up before even Snake wants to, and the smelly kid sitting next to me in class..  Well, maybe let’s just focus on the positive.  :oD

I finished a pair of socks last week!  Finally.  Four month socks?  Yikes!

Now, I know they look really great, but I would be lying if I told you they were perfect and amazing and all that.  Like all socks I make, I counted the rows/pattern repeats, so they would turn out exactly the same.  Only they didn’t.  In spending so much time between each and having improvised my own heel, something got lost.  ..so one sock turned out to have a completely different fit than the other.  WEIRD.

Also weird: the color pattern.  Long story short, I had a knot in one skein that funkified my color pattern, and the other one didn’t match perfectly anyways.  Who cares?  Fraternal is cool!

The pattern, from Knitty, is called Froot Loops.

Happy school season!

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Can you remember the last time you finished a project and said to yourself.. “holy shit! This is the most awesome thing I have ever made ever!!” ? I can. It was yesterday. Behold!!

It’s a laptop sleeve!! ..and I am pretty positive that this is the most well made sewing project I have completed to date. Observe how it fits my laptop with condom-like precision. Don’t you love that lovely leaf pattern?

Better yet, how about the (no I am not joking) DINOSAUR lining?!

Somehow, between all of the italics and exclamation points, I am sure you can find a way to understand how damn excited I am about this project! If you would like to make your very own, the pattern may be found here. You’ll bet I’m looking into other Sew, Mama, Sew! tutorials in the future. :oD

By the way, these shots were taken at Greyhouse, my new favorite coffee shop in town. They have paper straws. I am still in awe.  (..and, of course, the coffee is great.)

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