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alive and well

I’m here! Seriously. My poor little neglected blog.. I’ve been really busy with school and projects and finals and all that, but you know what?! I’M DONE!! I graduate this Saturday, and I’m pretty excited. Well, to be honest, I’m more excited about my family coming in and spending my first Christmas with Dave and the holiday and everything. But graduating.. It’s really awesome!

Anyways, I have been doing a few things. I just haven’t written about them. Maybe a week and a half ago, I made these:

The recipe (thanks again, Martha!) is here. I may or may not have added an extra 1/4 cup of sugar. I really couldn’t tell you. They were pretty good, though.

Yesterday was HUGE for completion of stuff! I finished my first single for the yarn I’m working on right now. The second single still remains in roving balls.

That reminds me, actually..I have a spinning store right down the street from me. I haven’t been until today. It’s called Grandma’s Spinning Wheel, and the owners are REALLY nice. They are an older couple, both retired science teachers. I love it. I also love the new spindle that I bought for my next spinning project. :o)

I also finished a Christmas gift last night! This one is for my brother’s girlfriend, who asked me several months ago for a cowl for skiing. It’s just an 88-stitch tube with some 2X2 ribbing on the ends and a few stripes..but it is lovely, and I really hope she likes it!

I made more cookies last night, too! Don’t worry..it’s the last thing I’ve done. (I know by now you’re thinking “WTF? Nearly 3 weeks of silence and now a long string of word vomit?”) These are called Biscochitos, and they are a traditional Christmas cookie in New Mexico. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had them, and they are YUMMY. ..and festive! Here‘s the recipe I found. As a warning, I must tell you that most other recipes use lard, hence the reason I used this one..

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some Christmas-light-seeing to do with friends! I hope everyone’s holiday season is as warm and happy as mine. :o)

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phoenix, arizona

Today we made our way from Tucson to Phoenix to spend Thanksgiving with Dave’s family.  It’s a nice short (hour and a half) drive.  Except it’s really BORING!  We got to the highway a different way than we normally would, though, and we got to drive by the planes they have out at the Air Force base.  Pretty cool, right?  They were filming the second Transformers movie out there a few weeks ago.

It’s nice to be here in Phoenix right now.  It’s all cloudy and overcast..a little chilly, even!  We brought Snake with us, too.  She’s having a fun time running around the backyard and house.  Only I think she’s a little confused now that it’s time for bed and we’re not at home.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!  I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and I love the whole family feeling of Thanksgiving.

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seasonal baking

I made pies!  Pumpkin ones!!

Some people don’t like pumpkin pie!  I find it really hard to believe that there are people like this in the world, but there are.  Very strange.  Dave and I, however, have already eaten a half a pie together.  When I make pumpkin pie, I always use the recipe on the pumpkin can, and I definitely recommend it.

Even though we’re back up to the 80s (Tucson is so frustrating this time of year), I can at least feel like it’s fall a little bit!  This year, I’m spending Thanksgiving with Dave’s family in Phoenix, and I am seriously weirded out by the idea of going somewhere warmer rather than cooler for the holiday.  I’m really looking forward to it, though!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays..and I’ll probably bake a couple more pies for the occasion.

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two of a kind?

I finished my sock!!

Just for evenness (and because I never showed it off), I paired it with my first completed test knit sock for Ravelry buddy Claire.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever had two pairs of socks for myself on the needles at the same time.  I’d like to finish both pairs by the end of the month, but..we’ll see.  :o)

..tonight’s beautiful Arizona sunset, just for you!

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Allow me to share some bizarre Tucson perspective. Today’s high was around 73, only the second day in a row we’ve been below 80. Walking around campus this morning and afternoon I spied countless sweatshirts, at least three scarves, and even a hat! Seriously! (It’s okay to laugh.)

Per the Weather Channel, the next ten days essentially only hold high temperatures in the 70s. In order to welcome what I hope to be a season change (and take a break from knitting socks), I’m celebrating with a new project.

It was going to be a scarflet. It IS going to be a scarflet. ..but I don’t have enough of this (singular) ball of handspun to continue with this width, so I unfortunately have to start over. I’m hoping I can finish it over the weekend. :o)

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Not so much about the cold weather (at least not since yesterday and the day before..and cold is for sure relative here), but we did go apple and pumpkin picking this weekend, as promised! We had a big group of people this year, and it was a blast!

I’m actually not in that one since I took the picture, but that was the start of our adventure at the apple orchard.

If it’s not obvious from the barren trees..there were no apples to pick!! We walked around the entire orchard and back to the main shop before asking someone and discovering this. Eventually we had to settle for the pre-picked apples in bins under a tent. (And I DID get this great shot of Lindsay and Bianca disappearing into the trees.)

I wound up buying a bunch of apples, and I’ve already started to bake with them. I’ll talk about that later, though. Just a teaser for now. :o)

The pumpkin patch proved to be much less barren, as you can see. We had a great time running through the pumpkin fields in search of the perfect squash. I wound up with 2 that cost a total of $20..so you might imagine they’re quite sizable. I haven’t decided yet whether I want to carve them or cook them. Hmm.

Anyways, I have a whole set up on Flickr if you want to see my unabridged fall adventures. We all had a really great time! Snake had a great time too, and I’m thrilled to know that she’ll be alright in the car on longer trips!

Food and (maybe? hopefully?) knitting to come soon.

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playing with my food

Um..I didn’t feel like a giant zucchini wearing a handknitted sock really needed an introduction.  The zucchini was graciously bestowed upon me by Dale Ann’s brother, who grows them.  I don’t know what to make with it, but it’s gonna be something BIG.

I spent a relaxing and crazy weekend with friends, partying, spinning, knitting, and sitting around enjoying the company.  :o)  Oh!  And I got Wii Fit finally.  It’s pretty fun, but my Wii Fit age is..37?!  How did that happen?

I made these fantastic cookies to bring along and share yesterday.  They’re chocolate with chocolate chunks and cherries in them!  A hit, for sure.

The recipe, one of Martha’s, can be found here.  It’s fairly simple, and they turn out really well!

I don’t have any pictures of my spinning endeavors because I haven’t yet finished the skein I’m working on, but I would really like to spin one skein a weekend, at least until I leave Ohio.  That’s really only 2 more weekends!  I can’t believe it.  At times, it’s seemed as though I’ll never see Arizona again, but now that it’s nearing, it really seems like the summer has flown by.  At least it’ll still be summer through November in Tucson?

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be green

There was this awesome sustainability fair on the Mall yesterday. I think they did a really good job with it. The signs that they had with facts on them were all written on old cardboard boxes, and there were a lot of people out there, including local vendors. I think one of the coolest things about this fair, however, was some of the posters they had hanging around campus:


It’s made out of paper with wildflower seeds pressed into it! I was lucky enough to snag it when my class got out at 2 (right when the fair ended). I just got some soil to plant a few other things, and I have a ridiculous amount left, so I’m going to plant the poster! :oD
Seeds!  It has SEEDS!!

Here’s a closeup of what the seeds look like in the paper. Whoever invented this is a genius.

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Though I spend much of the time longing for a fabulously four-seasoned climate, this past week in Arizona has been beautiful. And though today was full of meetings and stress, Tuesday lent to open windows, a cup of green tea, and (of course) my favorite distraction from homework. Pretty flowers compliments of Trader Joe’s!

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and so begins spring '08

As fun and relaxing as the holidays are for me, their unfortunate downfall is that they necessarily must end. The past (first) two weeks of school have left me with little time for my little craft blog, but fortunately I’ve still had enough (if not as much as I’d like) time to work on crafting! So here’s a little update on what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks.

Sweater Frogging..

I’ve made quite a dent in the sweater I’m frogging for yarn, and I’m starting to get really excited about dyeing it. Dave, on the other hand, is getting really excited about making yarn balls. Who knew?
Bianca's Scarf

I’m also currently working on this nice scarf for Bianca (who is what one might call scarf-hungry). I realized about halfway through that I was going to need another ball of yarn..and of course I bought the first two whilst at home during Christmas. However, my mom is about a thousand times more awesome/reliable/speedy than Amazon, so I got the ball of yarn she sent me yesterday in the mail, and I’m going to pick up the scarf again this weekend. In case you’re wondering, YES I AM bitter about my books taking so long to arrive..and yes I did go for the expedient shipping.
Matrix Mittens!

This week I started making my first pair of mittens ever! I don’t really think they’ll be entirely practical in Tucson, but I’m really excited anyways!

And, of course, I’ve been spending plenty of time working on homework. Thankfully, it hasn’t been TOO much time, but surely this is a mistake that will be corrected in the near future. :o)

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